Homepage Slider

The SmartFood WordPress theme comes packed with a lightweight images slider for the homepage. It is extremely easy to use and does not heavily impact page loading times on your homepage when compared with other popular sliders plugins.

To add a slider to your homepage navigate to "Theme Options -> Homepage" and change the option "Homepage content" to "Slider". New settings will appear allowing you to upload images and text for your slider.

  • To add a slide, click the "Add Slide" button.
  • Click on the "upload" button to add an image for your slider. The bigger the image the better.
  • Each slide can also have a call to action button. Simply enter an url to a page and the button will display.
  • If you wish to customize the call to action button's label. Simply format the url field like this
    http://example.com,My custom button
    The content after the comma will be used as the label for the button.