1 Click Setup & Demo Import

Demo Content Import (Optional)

NOTE: Before importing the demo content, make sure you have installed & activated all the required plugins from within Appearance > Install Plugins

Demo Content Import

The zip file you downloaded contains an xml file that can be used to import dummy data to your wordpress installation. Some users prefer this approach as it gives them a good starting point and the ability to easily change the data to their needs without having to create all the pages by hand. NOTE: importing the dummy data in existing wordpress installations with some data already can cause problems so make sure you have a clean wordpress installation before doing this.

  1. Go to Tools » Import and select the option “Wordpress” (at this point Wordpress might ask you to install the Import Plugin, confirm)
  2. Click the button “browse” and select the file “dummy_data.xml” contained in the downloaded zip
  3. Click the button “Upload file and import”
  4. Check the option “Download and import file attachments”
  5. Click the button “Submit” and all the dummy data should be imported

No Images Will Be Imported.

NOTE: The demo content import process, will only import the content, it won't make your website look like the live preview. You will still need to setup your website.

1 Click Demo Setup (Recommended)

The theme supports one of our most recent plugin called "TDP - Theme Installer", this plugin lets you install themes purchased from http://themesdepot.org with a single click. It also comes with a special page that allows you to check that every setup step has been performed to make sure everything work as it should.

To install the theme with a single click, and have an almost same exact copy of the live demo, you must install the "TDP - Theme Installer" plugin that comes within the theme and can be installed by going in "Appearance -> Install Plugins".

Once the plugin is enabled a new menu page will be available, you can access it by going in "Appearance -> Theme Installer" in your WordPress dashboard panel. The first page that you will once you access the "Theme installer" page is an overview of your current setup ignore any step marked as not done, and click on the tab "1 Click Demo Setup", click on the "Click Here To Install Demo Data" (image below) button, to start the automatic setup process.

It is important that you do not close the page while the import process has started. Once the process is finished you will see a successful message telling you that the website has been configured as the live demo.

After installing demo data, you'll still need to setup a few more things in your website. Start by pressing the save button in each theme option page that will ensure that the default settings are saved.

AutoDealer Quick Setup Video Tutorial