Transitioning from "Atlas" to "Atlas PMPRO"

You can't keep the TDP Listings Membership Plugin and Paid Memberships Pro plugin active together. You must disable the TDP Listings Membership plugin first.

The original "Atlas" theme and the "Atlas PMPRO" theme are not compatible between each other. It means that existing memberships created within the "Atlas" theme and the "TDP Listings Memberships" plugin, will not work when using the "Atlas PMPRO" theme. 

The Atlas PMPRO theme, uses the Paid memberships pro plugin for managing the memberships. If you are transitioning from the "atlas" theme, you need to disable the "TDP Listings Memberships" plugin, and install the "Paid memberships pro" plugin. 

The atlas pmpro theme, does not use anymore the tdp listings memberships plugin. The usage of the Paid memberships pro plugin is the same as the "Tdp listings membership" plugin. Nothing has changed in terms of usage of the membership system.

If you are a new customer, or if you site is not live yet, transitioning to Atlas PMPRO is recommended.