What is a child theme and how to customize my theme

All of our themes come with an alternative Child Theme. The following notes are to help you gain a better understanding about your Child Theme and how to use it.

What is a Child Theme?

  • A Child Theme is a “blank WordPress Theme” that pulls in all of it’s functionality from a parent theme.

When to use a Child Theme?

  • A Child Theme comes in great handy when you plan to make significant hard-coded changes to your website. (ie. editing one of the theme’s PHP files)
  • Using the Child Theme will ensure that you can upgrade your Parent Theme and will not lose any of your custom code.

Where can i find a Child Theme?

All ThemesDepot's themes come with child theme. You can find the child theme into the full package you download from themeforest.

What happens if an update to the parent theme involves changes to a file i have modified?

Updates to the parent theme will either add new features or fixes. In some cases you might have modified a file that has been updated into the parent theme. If you wish to apply the update to your child theme too, it is important that you make a backup of your edited file, update it to the latest "original" version, and then apply your modifications again.

There's simply no other way to keep your changes and update at the same time without manual intervention, this is simply impossible because it obviously involves changes to files.