The theme features 2 menu areas; the main navigation in the header, and the mobile menu.

Creating Menus

By selecting the Appearance > Menus option from the left WordPress admin sidebar, you can create menus under the Edit Menus tab.

Using Menus In Theme Locations

Once you've created your menu, you need to assign it to the menu location which you would like to use it for. You can do so by setting it under the Manage Locations tab.

Adding Vehicles Categories To The Menu

Each single vehicle taxonomy can be added to the menu. If you wish to add the categories to the menu you must enable the relative boxes to be displayed, you can do so by clicking on the "Screen Option" button at the top of the screen.

Mega Menu

Mega Menu functionality is built-in to the theme, so you can easily create mega dropdowns without any extra plugins or configuration. You can have as many items with a mega menu as you like. Menu items that only have one level of children will show a standard dropdown.

To add a megamenu you need to set a custom css class for the parent menu item, in the example below we've added the class "megamenu" and "columns-4" to setup a megamenu with 4 columns. You can change the columns number to from a range of 2-4 to change the amount of columns that you want to use into the megamenu.

If you don't see the Css classes option into your menu items, you'll have to enable it from the "screen option" tab at the top of the screen into the right corner