Submission Packages

Submission Packages

The theme comes with a built-in packages system that allows your users to select different packages option when submitting a listing. You can decide wether these packages should be free or specify a price for each one of them. You can also set how long the listing will stay active for each package, how many vehicles the user can submit and select if the vehicle should be featured or not.

You can have as many packages as you want, there isn't any limit.

Adding New Packages

To add new packages you must install the WooCommerce plugin, without it, you won't be able to create packages. (Repeat these steps if you wish to create multiple packages)

  1. Navigate to "Products -> Add Product"
  2. Enter the product name which will be the package name
  3. Change the "Product Type" option from "Simple Product" to "Auto Package"
  4. Enter the package price
  5. Enter the listing limit amount, with this option you can choose how many vehicles the user can submit with this package.
  6. Set the listing duration if needed.
  7. Select if you wish to allow the user to submit featured vehicles through that package. Leave the option unchecked if you don't want users to submit featured vehicles with this package.
  8. Click the "Publish" button and you're done.

The package will be selected by the user at the submission page.

It is important that you configure your WooCommerce payment gateways settings to choose which gateways you want to use.

Video Tutorial