Setting up the site like the live demo

Setting Up Your Website As The Live Demo

In this section you will learn how to setup your website as the live demo.

  1. Install And Activate The Atlas Theme - Do not use the atlas child theme if you don't know what a child theme is. For more info about child themes read here
  2. Install all the required plugins and make sure you activate every required plugin.
  3. After installation navigate to the theme options panel and press the save button to save the default settings of the theme
  4. Navigate to Tools -> Import and import dummy data 
  5. After importing dummy data, you need to setup the homepage, since the homepage page has already been created after the import, navigate to the Reading Settings, "Settings > Reading", select a "static page" for the front page display and make sure you set the page "Home" or "Homepage"
  6. Navigate to the Theme Options Panel -> General Settings -> Search Results Page and select the page called "Search Results", this will make sure your search form will work.
  7. Navigate to Theme Options -> Listings Settings -> Main Settings -> Map Type ID and select the option "Roadmap"
  8. Navigate to Theme Options -> User Dashboard and select each corresponding page for each option, this will ensure that the internal linking system of the pages works.
  9. You're done and ready :D have a look at the video tutorial below if you need more information.