How to allow users to post from the front-end

How to allow users to post from the front-end

Since version 1.3 to allow users to post from the front-end a new user role has been created. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Settings -> General" and switch the "New User Default Role" option to "Listing Contributor"

This is required to allow users posting from the front-end, every user that has to post from the front-end will need that user role.

How to add a new membership level

1 Click on "Memberships" in your wordpress dashboard.
2 Click on the "Add New Membership Level" button.
3 Fill in the required details such as name, membership description and confirmation message. ( These fields will be used on the frontend. ) For example, the confirmation message is displayed after the user has succesffully registered for that membership.
4 Set the membership fee if you want to charge users to post listings on your website, otherwise you can leave these fields empty.
5 Set the membership posting allowance, just enter a number, this is the amount of listings the user can post on the frontend. & save the membership.

Setting up required pages

1 Click the Pages Setup Tab. (From the dashboard, go to Memberships and select Page Setup)
2 The plugin can generate the required pages for you, Click the link that says “let us generate them for you”.
3 Done. Pages have been created for you.