Publishing Your Listings

As an administrator you can publish your listings from the wordpress dashboard, without having to singup for a membership. To start publishing listings follow these quick steps.

Add listings categories

1 Add listings categories: navigate to "Listings -> Listings Categories" into your wordpress dashboard and start filling the details.
2 Upload a marker: use the marker type field to upload the image of the marker that will be used on the map for each listing into that category.
3 Upload a featured marker: use this field to upload a different marker that will be used for featured listings into that category. This is usefull if you want to create a difference between normal listings and featured ones. For example you could upload a marker bigger than the normal one.
4 Enter a description: use the editor at the bottom of the page to add a custom description that will be displayed into the listing category page. You can leave it blank if not needed.

Add listings locations

1 Add listings locations: navigate to "Listings -> Listings Location" into your wordpress dashboard and start filling the details.

Add listings

1 Add listings : navigate to "Listings -> Add New" into your wordpress dashboard and start filling the details.
2 Set categories & locations: on the right side of the screen you can assign locations and categories.
3 Required Marker Location On The Map: in order to publish your listing you need to set the marker position, to set a position simply type the address into the search bar above the map, or double click on a point on the map.
4 Contact Details: contact details can be found below the map, you can set a phone number, a website and you can also add additional details by using the Fields Builder.
5 Additional Images: additional images can be uploaded by clicking on the "Listing Images" tab. If you want to increase the amount of pictures please follow the tutorial available into the tutorial section of the documentation.
6 Save: once you are done, press the publish button.