How faceted search work

The normal search system allows you to:

  • Search for all listings, by default the all categories and all location options are automatically selected (this is only available for the normal search form
  • the default search form allows you to perform a search INTO both category and location, meaning the listings have to be in BOTH the category that you select and the location that you select, if one or the other aren’t selected, it won’t display it.

2) The faceted search form allows you to:

  • Split your categories in multifields so you don’t end up with a superlong category/location field
  • This search form won’t allow you to search for all categories/locations
  • This search form performs a search INTO BOTH the CHILD category and the CHILD location
  • This form will never search into the PARENT category or the PARENT location
  • Same as the other form above, the listing that you might be looking for has to be in BOTH CHILD category and CHILD Location

So for example if you want to find all car dealers in Egypt you would need to create an additional sublocation into the “egypt” location and for example call it “all around Egypt” or anything else that you might want to use. You can then assign every listing that is in egypt into 1) his child egypt(country/area/whatever) 2) into the “all around egypt” in this way into the faceted form you can select the mercedes option into the child category field and then select the child location “all around egypt” to search for them.