Getting started

Now that you have successfully installed and activated the WPRM plugin you will start getting familiar with the features and settings panel of the plugin. 

Upon activation a welcome screen will be presented to you. This screen describes the most important features of the theme and how to use them. The welcome screen also includes informations about the latest updates that have been applied to the plugin, together with a license activation panel if you have purchased the WPRM Pro version.

Getting started:

Using WPRM is very easy! First thing you should do is visit the plugin's settings page and get comfortable with the options. The general settings provides the most basic settings for configuring your plugin. You can set the booking form style, make some adjustment to the layout of the form, and customize the way your food menu looks.

Booking Settings:

The booking settings page provides you tools to configure and customize your booking form including dates and times configuration, booking intervals, messages and formatting. It is important that you select the page where you have placed the booking shortcode. The plugin has been designed to load the required scripts and styles only when required therefore you must select your booking page. Simply create a page and then add the [wprm_booking_form] shortcode and save it.

Notifications Settings:

The notifications settings screen provides the settings to customize the email notifications sent by the plugin upon reservation and changes to reservations. WPRM comes with flexible email tags ready to be used to create customized emails with relevant information about the booking. Admin notifications have been designed to provide quick access to the approval and rejection tools.