To display your menu, WPRM comes with an handy shortcodes manager available into the page editor. Click the "fork and knife" icon and a list of shortcodes will appear. Click on the shortcode you wish to use, and if needed, a configuration menu will appear.

Booking Form Shortcode:

The booking form shortcode allows you to display the booking form on any page/post.

Single Menu Item Shortcode:

The single menu item shortcode allows you to pick a menu item by ID and display it on any page/post. The id number can be retrieved into your restaurant menu page, visit your menu items page and click the edit button the menu item you wish to display, look into your browser url and you will notice a number, that number is the ID.

Menu by category Shortcode:

The menu by category shortcode allows you to display a section or category of your menu by using the slug of the category. You can retrieve the slug of your category by going in Restaurant -> Menu Categories and look on the table on the right side of your screen, one of the column will display the slug.

Full Menu shortcode:

The Full Menu shortcode simply displays your full menu into a page or post.