Booking Settings

This screen provides you tools to configure and customize your booking form including dates and times configuration, booking intervals, messages and formatting.

Booking Page:

It is important that you select the page where you have placed the booking shortcode. The plugin has been designed to load the required scripts and styles only when required therefore you must select your booking page. Simply create a page and then add the [wprm_booking_form] shortcode and save it.

Successful Page:

The succesful page should be selected only when you have decided to redirect your users to another page after making a reservation. This page can contain anything you want. Remember to change the option "Booking Confirmation Behavior" to decide what happens after a user makes a booking.

Opening and closing time:

The opening and closing time option allow you to set the start and end times available for booking. For example, if you set the opening to 7.30 AM and closing at 14.00 PM, the booking times available will be within that time. Please note that you must follow this format when setting up the time HH:MM AM/PM

Party Sizes:

Use the party sizes editor to manage the options available on the booking form, this allows the customer to select how many people need a table from a specific reservation.

Disable Calendar Dates:

Use the following generator to disable certain dates from the calendar. Disabled dates will not be available for booking. Please do not manually edit the date text. Use the datepicker to enter the date. The date format must be the one selected from the datepicker.

Frontend User reservations cancellation:

WPRM Pro comes with the ability for your users to cancel their reservations from your site without having to phone your restaurant or contact you via email. By placing the shortcode [wprm_bookings_cancellation] into a page (after configuring the appropriate options), a simple interface will appear where the user can choose to cancel their reservation. This can save you a lot of time, while you can do what you do best, managing your restaurant.