General Settings.

This screen provides the most basic settings for configuring your plugin. You can set the booking form style, make some adjustment to the layout of the form, and customize the way your food menu looks.

About layout adjustments:

Please note that the options below here to adjust the layout of the form, may have minor or no effect on your site. It is impossible for those options to work on each and every theme. Each single theme is different from another and together with other plugins that might be installed on each setup, it is impossible to "predict" any conflict that might happen.

Food Menu Styling & Settings

These settings allow you to customize the look of the food menu. Some of the options also allow you to disable certain elements from being displayed within the food menu.

The food menu style option, only contains 1 single style at the moment. Developers can also add new options there.

Removing data on uninstall

Check this box if you would like WPRM to completely remove all of its data when the plugin is deleted. The data will only be removed if you delete the plugin. Disabling the plugin has no effect.