Notifications Settings

This screen provides the settings to customize the email notifications sent by the plugin upon reservation and changes to reservations.

Admin notifications:

Enable admin notifications to send an email each time a new booking request has been made. The email notification is sent to the site admin email. You can change your admin email into your general settings.

User notifications:

This area let's you control the emails that are sent to customers upon reservation or when the status of their reservation changes. You can also change the email name and from parameters that user see when they receive the email from your site. Each email text supports different tags that can be used to display information related to their booking. It is important that you do not use the tags {approve_booking}, {reject_booking}, {all_bookings} and {view_booking} into emails sent to users. Those links are for administrators only.

Email Templates:

WPRM Pro, allows deeper branding customization of your emails. Emails can either be sent as plain text or through a simple html template. The email html template also supports your reastaurant logo. Developers can also create custom email templates by reading the online documentation of the plugin.

SMS Notifications:

WPRM Pro comes with a great premium feature. Sms notifications can be sent to customers to update them about their reservations status. SMS are sent through a third party api,, you will need a Nexmo account to send sms.