Sending SMS Notifications

With WPRM Pro you can send SMS notifications to your customers upon booking, or when the status of a reservation changes. 

WPRM Pro relies on to send SMS notifications to your customers. You must register a account and purchase credits in order to send SMS notifications. Upon registration, Nexmo will give you 2£/$ demo credit that you can use to test your sms notifications. 

To enable SMS notifications navigate to "Restaurant -> Restaurant Settings -> Notifications Settings", locate the option "SMS Notifications" and enable it. It is important that you now press the save button. Once you have saved your settings, new fields to configure your Nexmo account will appear.

Retrieving your Nexmo Api keys

In order to send SMS through Nexmo, you need to login to your nexmo account settings and grab your api key and secret api key. Copy and paste those details within the respective fields into your restaurant settings page. 

Testing the SMS in demo mode and free credit.

When testing the SMS with the free credit you must set the "SMS From" field to "NEXMO" and the "To" field, to your phone number, the same phone number used upon registration on

This is only needed when you are testing your NEXMO account with the free credit.

When you are finished testing, you need to purchase credit from the site and remove you phone number from the "TO" field into the notification settings panel of the plugin. You can then customize the "From" field with anything you want.

Customizing the SMS content:

The content of each SMS can be configured within the textarea fields into the notifications settings panel. If you wish to add new "break lines" to the content of your SMS, Nexmo, requires that you add the following content within the text of your SMS message.


 So for example, a message would look like this 


Dear {fullname},%0A %0AThank you for choosing {sitename}. We are delighted to confirm your reservation for {party} on {date} at {time}.