Customizing WPRM Templates

The plugin comes with a flexible template system which allows you to customize the layout of the frontend components of the plugin.

In order to create a custom template, you need to create a folder within your theme and call it "wprm". In this folder you can now add your custom templates. 

For example if you wish to modify the layout of each menu item that is displayed through the shortcodes, you can copy file shortcode-single-menu-item.php from the wp-restaurant-manager plugin subfolder called "templates". 

FYI: plugins on your WP setup are stored into the "wp-content/plugins" folder. Meaning your WPRM plugin templates folder is stored within this path


If you wish to modify every template, simply copy the "templates" folder from the WPRM plugin folder, paste it into your theme folder and rename it to "wprm". 

If you for example, you are using the "twentyfourteen" theme, you will have to create the "wprm" folder into the "twentyfourteen" theme's folder.